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Missouri CCW Class

The Missouri CCW course covers everything required by Missouri statutes to obtain a CCW permit. The course covers handgun safety in the classroom, at home, on the firing range and while carrying a firearm. The basic principles of marksmanship, care and cleaning of concealable weapons, safe storage of firearms at home, the Missouri laws relating to firearms and the justifiable use of force are also covered.  Each student will be required to complete live fire exercises to demonstrate his or her ability to safely load and unload a revolver or semi-automatic handgun and demonstrate his or her marksmanship with the firearm of their choice. By Missouri statute this course is at least eight hours in length.  We provide the necessary revolver and semi-automatic handguns as well as ammunition (.22 cal.). Eye and ear protection will be available if you do not bring your own. Students are provided with the latest copies of the laws, other states that will recognize your MO CCW permit, and information on what to expect when you go to the Sheriff’s Office.

                                                            Cost: $85.00

If you plan to attend class at our Holden location you will
                            need to bring your lunch.



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